This weeks facebook challenge was to talk about 3 things you are grateful for, for one week. Day 2 has arrived and I finally posted. It took a minute to unlock my personal self pity party to realize I’ve got so much to be grateful for.
Life is all about how you view your current situation, while my current situation isn’t perfect it is far from unlivable. I say this after listening to a young lady pour her heart out at the tax auction. Her story was one we have all heard before. Her plea was to allow her family to buy back the house during her sale. The sad part is several online bidders continued to bid causing the Amount to grow. We all sat on pins and needles hoping the family would win the bid. The bidding war ran the price up over $60,000 in our opinion the house is more than likely not worth the 60k but this family was willing to do whatever it takes to keep their home. The story ends with the family keeping the home. The mortal of my story is, to be grateful for what you have and there is always a story worse than yours.