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Today’s rant and rave is to Ms. Beyonce Carter…

Dear Ms. Carter,

Must we be inflcited with you ongoing wailing about your drunken love with your husband. Have you heard the saying we don’t kiss and tell? The ongoing tale of how you and Mr. Carter “Go all night” is fine for an married couple. THe average couple would hope to kiss one another good night before the other falls a sleep. THe average person doesn’t have a 50 million dollar home that can be violated daily. And to think little “blu eats her Cherrios, off of the same counter you and Mr. Carter have… well, soiled. I don’t negate the talent, as it take great talent to hang upside down on a chair and sing. I will thank you for not twerking. We are much to old to twerk. We are subject to wind up in traction. I say this to raise the point on what sells. Is it the sexy wailing done with Mrs. Carter’s “Drunkin Love” or is it the fact we get a sneak peak into the private/not so private lives of the Carters.