Amorelle - Just Keeping it Real

My One Blessing, but still counting…

So many have multiple wardrobes in multiple houses.

While so many sisters have to rotate their one skirt and few blouses,

So many have multiple savings accounts and investment schemes.

while so many have only seen the inside of a bank in their dreams,

So many collect millions falsely and on it they thrive,

While so many can’t even access a small loan to help them survive.

When I review it all and when all is said and done,

There are some like me whose blessing may never be more than one.

I only have one mother who has given birth to me,

I only have one breath which I use each day for free.

I only have one salvation that Jesus bought with His blood,

And I only have one life which is hid with Christ in God.

I only have one job…

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